Q: How much will you charge for my job?
A: That depends on the services you need. We can give you a free estimate for your job before work begins.
Q: How quickly can you start working?
A: We’re available immediately for some smaller tasks, but it may take us a day or two to get to other jobs. If you have a larger project like a remodel, we can discuss the specifics and accommodate your schedule.
Q: How long will it take to complete my job?
A: We can give you a time estimate, but it’s important to understand that the time estimate and the cost estimate aren’t the same thing. Some jobs only require one electrician while others might need two or three people, which changes the cost. We don’t give an hourly bid—we detail the specific job cost in the estimate.
Q: Do you carry the parts you need in your work vehicles?
A: We carry common materials and parts in our vehicles, but some parts need to be special-ordered. Depending on the job, we’ll be able to tell you whether we have the parts on hand or if we need to order them.
Q: Will weather impact my project?
A: Most electrical work is indoors, so it can be done in any weather. If you have an outdoor job, we can usually work even if it’s lightly raining.
Q: Can you recommend electrical services or inspections based on my home’s age or condition?
A: We’re not inspectors, so you’ll need to hire a licensed inspector for those services. However, we can give you our honest opinion about what’s best for you and your home. We can also meet with the inspector and talk about what needs to be done so you know the best way to approach the job.
Q: Am I required to have a fan in each bathroom?
A: Yes, exhaust fans are required in bathrooms to prevent mold.

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